How to Send SBCGlobal Email to Gmail Inbox Folder

How to Send SBCGlobal Email to Gmail Inbox Folder

If you use the SBCGlobal Email messages for your professional mail account that you used on Google. Then you should find the ways which help you can send your message SBCGlobal Email to the Gmail account folder. In this case, when the recipient sends an email, it will auto-divert to Gmail inbox without controlling any substance of that email.

SBCGlobal Customer Support is provided by the AT&T Company to all the users who have to use SBCGlobal Email because SBCGlobal Email is a part of AT&T Email. This email services no doubt to takes into account the needs of almost 70% of email clients. They need to divert the messages getting on SBCGlobal to Gmail. Keeping their interest in need, we are presently going to observe the means for sending the email to the Gmail inbox. You should give close consideration to every single step.

Here we have provided Some Steps that help you to configure Email forwarding System:

  1. Go to SBCGlobal Email Setting after login your account
  2. Select preference
  3. Click on “POP Forwarding Email Option”
  4. Enable Email Forwarding
  5. Fill the Gmail details
  6. Enter the port number for the Gmail account. You can find it from google website online
  7. Confirm the details and Save
  8. You received verification code on your Gmail account, Enter this code on SBCGlobal Screen and submit it.
  9. You can get Successfully saved Massage
  10. Now click on done and close the window.

Now you should check the setting through sending any test mail from SBCGlobal Email to Gmail account. If send and received successfully then the account is successfully forwarded. If not then you should check again the steps and try again these steps.

If you are still unable to fix the setting to forward your email to Gmail account then you should Contact SBCGlobal Customer Care Number +1-877-909-5113 and get help by an experienced and professional technician that guide you very well.

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